On this page you'll find some tips about how to export puppies to Norway, how to find a breeding partner for your dog through the lundehund database, with links to lists of males and females in various countries, and at the bottom of the page, a list of lundehund clubs in various countries.

Exporting puppies to Norway

Our puppy intermediary can help you find dedicated puppy buyers in Norway, and there usually is a long list of people waiting for puppies.

In order to import puppies to Norway, the new owner has to comply to the requirements (in English) of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynet), that is responsible of animal imports to Norway. Please read up on the latest requirements, since we don't have the capacity to continuously watch for changes.

The rules were changed at 01.01.2015, and at that time, the following rules applied to import from an EU country:

  • EU-passport and ID (microchip)
  • Vaccination against rabies (at least 21 days ahead of arrival)*
  • Treated against Echinococcus multilocularis (24 - 120 hours before arrival)*
  • Contact the customs at the border, make sure to have all necessary documentation!!!

The bullets marked with an asterix (*) has exceptions for import from some countries, read more at Mattilsynets homepages (in English). Note that the requirement for the rabies vaccination implicitely requires the puppy to be 120 + 21 days old when imported, because the vaccine won't be given before the puppy reach a certain age.

For import from USA and other "listed third" countries, the rules are almost the same, but with some modifications and additional requirements, please read up on the requirements.

Mating and breeding

In countries with few lundehunds, mating has to be planned carefully in order to succeed getting a lundehund litter. We advice you to seek help and tips from breeders in your country (list in Norwegian) or in relevant facebook groups.

The lundehund database

Males Females

The Norwegian Lundehund Club has developed a database that can help you to find the right partner for your dog.

The lundehund database is in Norwegian, but kennel Vorkosmia has published user guides in English (thank you) on how to use the database:

You can also have a look at the Norwegian user guides.

In the lundehund database, you'll find females and males in different countries. The links on the right will give you a fast overview of dogs in your area.

Using these links, dogs that are reported chryptorchid or dead are excluded from the result. Countries with the most dogs and active breeders are on top of the list.

NB! The data quality might be poor in some cases.

Remember also that you have to make sure the dogs are not to closely related. The database has functionality to help you calculate this.

When you find a dog that could be a relevant partner for your dog, use the contact info on the page if present. If contact info for that particular dog is not present, you can contact the local breeding counsil or the Norwegian breeding counsil in stead, they can help you find the contact information.

Lundehund clubs abroad

The table below shows the 13 countries with the most lundehunds in 2010, including the year of first time import to the country. We have given their name abbreviations and links (where known) for the clubs with national responsibility for the Norwegian lundehund in the country.

Country First dog import Approx. number of dogs (2010) Breed club
Norway - 582 -
Sweden 1969  150 SLS 
Finland 1973  160  SL
Denmark 1979  100 NLD
USA 1987  250 NLAA
France 1986  22 CFCNSJ
Luxembourg 1996  10  TCL
the Netherlands 1989  72 Scandia
Germany 1979  65 DCNH
Switzerland 1977  27  SKNH/CSCN
Austria 1990  10 (ÖCNHS)
Canada 1986  9  
Belgium 1988  6  
Czech Republic 2003  9  

Where the abbreviation is inside a paranthesis, there is no contact between the Norwegian Lundehund Club and the national club.