There is so much we would like to tell you about the Norwegian lundehund!

First of all, the breed was recognized by the FCI as a Norwegian dog breed in 1965, and is a Spitz dog in FCI group 5, section 2, standard No. 265. The FCI holds a breed standard description in English, French, German and Spanish that we recommend reading for fact oriented information.

On our own web pages, most of the information about the lundehund is currently only in Norwegian. Currently our best option is to point you to our pages about the lundehund (in Norwegian), ask you to look at the pictures, and encourage you to copy and translate the text from your own language to Norwegian by using the Google Translate service.

The Norwegian Lundehund Club have made fliers in English, Finnish, German and French that you can also have a look at.

Finally, if you join one of the Facebook pages about the lundehund, you will find a lot of dedicated lundehund owners willing to tell you all you'd like to know about the lundehund, and share their pictures and stories with you. If you search for the text "Norsk lundehund" on Facebook, you'll find several groups. Choose one of the groups with the most members, or join and follow the Norwegian Lundehund Club's official Facebook page.